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I am a multi-fandom blog. I ship a hell of a lot of stuff. Right now I am on a Silmarillion kick. I am in love with Mairon/Sauron and Melkor. I'd say my main fandom is Tolkien! I also watch Kuroko no Basket and Diamond no Ace. Fucking love both of those shows. Feel free to message me if you just wanna talk.

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and even more Mark


Trust Markiplier. He’s a Doctor! [x]

Gmod Sandbox W/ JackSepticEye


can u just

Markiplier throws matches at a window plays ‘Grave’


— the laughing heart, by charles bukowski

ace of diamond, episode one: the one pitch


"look at all them nasty ass birds"


I’ve always liked the idea of villains as children, so here’s my favourite group, the Akatsuki as BABIES. I imagined this as being them graduating the academy and getting their pictures taken.